I printed with my  3 days ago perfectly. today.  i went to turn on to print and i have no power on the front .. i always leave plugged in with back switch to cycle ink ... took the top panel on and there is a small green light that comes on  .. but nothing on front panel or does not look one on the ethernet cable ... not sure what to check and dont know where to check the fuses .. any help would be appreciated 

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Green light means you have power into the machine. 

Unplug the machine for 15 minutes and then replug and try again. Hold the front switch for a few seconds.

Ok, will assume you ensure the switch was on in the back, or you still had a green light on the printer board. 

In that case, did you have a electrical spike in your area? Did you check other electrical appliances in your location? The fuses in the machine are for the print heads and not for the power. You could have blown just the control panel. It will be good to look on the right side behind the control panel, follow the cable back to the board and ensure it is seated. Also check to ensure nothing took residence in there where it tends to be a warm environment. just saying.

The EcoSolvent ink is corrosive, and can eat through the ribbon cable. There will be fine pin holes usually not visible to the naked eye. I cannot say that is the issue, but that is a start. The Green LIght shows you have power, so that puts the issue on the control panel or the board it goes to. If no green light, then I would direct you to the power block. 

Here you go, name and part number

PG:25 PART#:23475212  PART NAME:CABLE-CARD, - 24P1 600L BB

No that would have nothing to do with that - no power the power brick

So if I came on a job with your issues: 

I would have the cable you replace, the power supply; if I was bringing boards, I would have the main board and the servo board.

You would only be charged for the parts used and it would be cable then power supply. The power supply can be checked to see if it has power coming out with an ohms meter. If you have the green light on top, I am not worried about the Ethernet port.


IC No. Parts No. Description Function

FS300 12559105 FUSE,5X20 021706.3MXP 6.3A/250V Fuse for Print Heater

FS301 12559105 FUSE,5X20 021706.3MXP 6.3A/250V Fuse for Dryer

SSR300 1000000164 RELAY

SSR G3M-205P-VD-1 DC24V LFRelay for Print Heater

SSR301 1000000164 RELAY,

SSR G3M-205P-VD-1 DC24V LFRelay for Dryer


Seen, give me a few


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