I have a SP540V Roland Printer. Had a new Network card installed due to possible failure from a lightning strike/power outage.

Im having trouble connecting the printer to versaworks since the card was replaced.

It seems as though the Intercon-NetTool is not picking up the printer name.

This then seems to be the cause of the error in versaworks

Everything picks up fine through the IP, so the card is doing the right thing i think. It just isnt sending through the printer model name therefore versaworks can not verify what machine to add.

We have reset the network card, and re-set everything back up, but its the same issue of the printer name not being picked up.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have the tech coming back out tomorrow, but it would be nice to get an idea whether its an issue from the new installation of the network card or something that i can fix myself.

(he did check connection on his laptop and my pc - and it was fine, it still is, however never actually trialled a print job through versaworks from my pc)

I have attached 2 files

1. the error message

2. the Intercon-Nettool showing the connection but the printer model missing

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Look at the recent post 'versaworks' and try that ip address in VW and on the VC

Already tried this. The IP isnt the problem.

Thanks for the reply 


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