I am having a problem with the center rollers smudging the ink I found a setting in the profile that says dry time does anybody know what this means I also changed the vacuum from normal to strong hoping this would help any help is appreciated I did change the drive time from zero to one minute but not sure what that does

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Based on your photo, I unsuccessfully tried to figured out your VW version. However, in the same printer tab you are in - 99% of the time all three settings should be on Default media to allow the profile to set the correct settings for the machine. 

Your issue - roller marks

The prints will come out dry to the touch, but not dry to the pressure. To correct that - I usually set in there a 5. That tells the machine to print and then wait 5 minutes before retracting and then cutting. If you use a lot of heavy colors and CMYK blacks, then you might have to add more time.

Lastly if you are getting dark banding, that is coming from using a strong vacuum on media that is now moving too slow. 

Lastly 2 - if you are getting grainy or orange peel results in the ink, that is because you are using printer settings for the heat settings.


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