I got this issue during printing and now when I restart the printer even it doesn't clean. I get this Scan Motor Error Code: 0010 0010 over again and again. Please help

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You have an SP540V

It is an old machine - how many hours do you have on the scan motor. It may have reached its end of life - if not that then you have to check your servo board.

Ive got the same issue.. how do I check how many hours the motor has done?

You need a peck or co-peck report to check the hours.

If you lost your scan limits you can reset the limits by doing the limits set up

Ive managed to run the "scan motor aging" procedure and it works fine. The motor does not make any unusual sounds but as soon as i load media (vinyl) into the machine in service mode and attempt a test print once the machine tries to setup it bombs out with the same error "scan motor error 0010 0010".

Should I bite the bullet and purchase or new motor or could the issue be caused by something else?

You should bite the bullet and get a tech to look at your machine. What a tech might see is that the cable tension is off and it needs to be tighten. Or the servo board is malfunctioning. The tech would know what to do in service mode. We here do not teach users how to be techs.


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