Just initialized Versaworks, SP300 loads fine.  Trying to add GX300, the add printer recognizes the Hub but comes up with Cannot find information for the device detected. 

Downloaded the driver for Microsoft 8 32.  When downloading 32 an error comes up Use Win 32.

So frustrating, that is what I am downloading.

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My bad, uploaded the 64bit for Microsoft 8.  Still same issue.

Try loading it into Windows first so you see it as a printer, then once you get those drivers situated bring it into VW

Also go to Roland support page and ensure you have latest drivers.

Loaded a newer version of VW and it is recognized fine.  Thank you, again for your help.

Having a cutting issue.  We load 3 jobs in a row.  With the VW 6.6, the first job cuts fine, but then advances beyond the second jobs cut marker. 

In the past we had a custom setting for the markers of 10mm.  That doesn't seem to work on 6.6.

Any suggestions?


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