Long story short. Work in Ohio at a library that is closing during to coronavirus, we have roland printer there. It will not be working for at least two weeks. Do we need to do anything with the printer to keep the inks from drying up? Thank you for accepting me to the group I can't wait to learn from all of you.

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Leave the unit plugged in make sure you have enough ink for the unit to do self cleaning  for the 2 weeks. When you return do a couple of regular cleanings do a nozzle test. If test is good you are good to go. If not do a couple of medium cleans then test. I have left mine for 19 days before never encountered issues other than having to do a few cleanings.

What Butch stated! As long as the main power switch in the rear is on, even if there is a power interruption the machine will come on and clean. If they are shutting power the facility, then there is a procedure to pump up (clear the ink), and it can be left forever that way.

Thank you Butch and Iriving. The building should not have any power disturbance that I know of. 


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