Hey folks, I recently started using a Roland SP-540i with VersaWorks and was curious if there is a way to print a serial sheet number. I.e. You have printed this job X times total.

For a bit more clarification, I often print decals which come in as a single small (2-4in x 4-6in) sticker, and repeat the copies until it fills about 30 inches of material, feed about 150mm extra, then sheet cut. I found the option to print job properties, but this sticks about a quarter-inch of data under each sticker rather than the whole sheet. 

It would be very helpful for my line of work if each sheet would tell me how many I have made so I can keep track of the printing. Is this possible? Any advice or feedback would be much appreciated!

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As far as I am aware no. However you can go to VW, View tab - Job log see if the information there can help you and that is printable.

Onyx has this capability I believe. Made the switch last year from VW and have never looked back. Worth the investment

Not enough info Marilee. Is that the whole name, is that MAC software or windows also. Do share more info of your investment, thanks.

I've been in the wide format print game since 2005 and I've used several RIP softwares. ONYX is the industry standard for most production wide and grand format printers. VW has many pitfalls and ONYX blows that software out of the water. RIP times are cut in half or more, raster image over vector artwork leaving the white background when the raster has a transparent background is eliminated....much smarter processing. I do not use a MAC at work but wish I could. ONYX Rip Queue is the more economically priced version but absolutely 100% worth the investment. I wish I could explain how much it's cut down on errors and "fixing" issues with VW but if you have questions please do let me know.

Actually when I was attempting to research could not find the RIP software. So for the community and myself here is the link for those interested and there are many videos out there also.     https://www.onyxgfx.com/

There is also Wasatch and Ergosoft out there for folks who want to invest in a different RIP for there CAMM. Remarkable on a difference the software makes. I uses Wasatch in my Sublimation and the ability to load graphics and move and manipulate makes so much more sense.


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