I know pricing is a touchy issue and I usually don't have many problems but this is outside my realm.  I helped a neighbor out with printing some UPC labels for a new product pitch to a large vendor.  Turned out to be a lot more labels than I originally thought but that's a different story.  LOL  Now they must have got into the stores as they have come back and asked me to print their labels.  I have NO idea how to price these or the first ones I printed.  The labels themselves are 1.25' by 4.25" and are varying colors depending on what product it is.  There is about 10 different products.  All but 3 are full color.  I have a new SG 540 and an old girl SP 300V that currently is awaiting new roller bearings.  Tried to pull up an pricing calculator from IW that was referenced but the link goes nowhere. Can anyone lend some assistance to what I should be charging them?  Time is not really an issue nor is running the printer.  At this point, I have no idea of the quantity but probably should price accordingly.


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Check your email that you used to register here. Please do not announce it here - I get enough unwelcomed emails. 


Thank you!


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