Hi can anybody help. Whenever I try to import an rml file into the Media profiles I get a message saying incorrect printer ink setup. I'm using a versacamm SP300v and jet best bulk inks. It doesn't matter which profile it is the same happens every time. I only have 3 possible profiles now vinyl 1,2 and 3. On my SP300i there are no problems and settings between the two printers appear to be the same. I need to use THT and TTRH for my printing needs.

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Not a fan of 3rd party ink or bulk ink systems, but that is not your issue. 

The machine is hard coded for a type of ink when it is set up. If not mistaken the V only had one option and that is CMYK.max. So your rml files have to be for that type of ink. As for the apparel profiles - go to the Roland site and you should be able to get those. You might want to consider HTM2 orHTM3 also since those are some great Apparel profiles and respond well to various apparel media.

I see you from UK - I know you guys have the Max3 option - but that should not be for a V model. Your machine should tell you which ink type it is looking for and those are the profiles you are limited to.

Thanks Irving, I checked the printer and found it actually has two options ( eco sol and eco sol max ) after getting the service  key to get in the software I managed to change to the eco sol max setting without flushing and BINGO! All profiles are now there in VW. I will try and load the profiles you mention today. This is a superb website by the way. Full of help and Info. Kind Regards, Duncan

Thank You Duncan for the kind words, Happy CAMMing! We help most!


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