I had my black cap top go bad and was not getting ink thru with syringe and missing nozzles so i changed my cap to a new one and am a few hours away from changing to a new cap..my question is  i have read down thru the comments and i am seeing  some answers say  do a powerful cleaning and some say 2 med  so was wondering which is correct ... thanks so much

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It is all a matter of choice, but here is some principles to be guided by:

A proper head soak is on a new cap where the cleaning solvent is 100% and not diluted by the previous waste ink

A head soak is a process where the solvent is being soaked into the head past the dried ink and that takes a while (48 hrs)

The dried inks turns to sludge and drains into the new cap and should be replaced

I say 4 normals before a medium clean, and 2 medium before a powerful  - those numbers are arbitrary 

After the soak, I like the 2 mediums and a nozzle check between each to see if there is any movement 

Expect movement of nozzles since the newly dissolved ink should be trying to work out of the nozzles - no movement is not good and may indicated permanent head damage.

pictures always help. We need to see what you see or we are just throwing ideas in the wind.


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