Hello All.  I am new here and need a little help. Please forgive me for asking a question that has probably been answered. I have looked all over. I have experienced a lot of trouble with my Sp300V. I finally got it working again and seem to have severely clogged nozzles (per what I have found on web).  Is there any hope with unclogging this print head?  Also, I am having some banding issues. I have done the following based on the issue I was having - changed cap, damper, many cleanings, soaked print heads, replaced fuses on main board. Not sure what else to do at this point.

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The nozzle test repeats on 2 passes - so those are the same nozzles missing on top and bottom. Your issue is in one head - the C/B printhead. Looking at the lower black has me believe there is something on the printhead surface. Those block nozzles look to be unrecoverable. So I would again look at the surface and possible take a picture of that head and post. The other head is firing nicely. The cyan traveling after you changed cap has me thinking that the encoder strip (clean with alcohol) is dirty. Unless you saw some time of results from the soak or cleanings in those nozzles, I would say they are lost.

Ok thank you so much. I hate to ask this but should I replace the print head? Based on all of the issues I have had over the past few months, I have replaced the carriage board, the cables, fuses on the main board in addition to the things I added/edited in my original post.

I was able to get a good shot of the print head and it seems it is what I feared.  To me this looks like the print head is damaged in the area where I had the drop out. The other day I had some glitter media in the printer and it got jammed pretty bad right around that same spot. :-( 


You have your answer. You will always get banding and color shifts. On the other head, that outer ring should be silver which means that the head would not seal properly and will get worst if the ink hardens and starts to build up. Clean that without trying not to touch the surface of the head. Also clean the tops of your caps since the ink must be pooling there around the rim.

ok thanks for your help.


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