What are these clicking / clanking sounds and are they normal?

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Seriously Mike, a one second clip. Give us more.

When did it start

Did it start quieter then progressed to this, or

What were you doing

Is it continuous

Only when the printhead his moving

Is it during cutting

Ensure your media clamps are secure and not flapping on the media moving 

Bigger clips are more than 5MB, so I couldn't upload it.

This started a couple of months ago but it was more subtle, and has been growing louder. Sometimes there is no clicking, or much less clicking. It comes and goes. Most clicking is on printing, and now sometimes there are a few quieter clicks during cutting.

Today it was the worst ever...so I'm concerned something is wrong.

It only clicks when print head is moving.

Here's a longer video I uploaded to YouTube:


OK watched all 11 seconds a few times - about a minutes worth since I put it to loop. Could not tell, but since it with the printhead moving and on the BN the cut and print moves all the time together. You will have to remove covers. I think some worked loose and more so after or during the move. You can remove the covers and if you have to move the head by hand to see if you can see what is rattling. On the top left and right there is one center  screw do not remove those - it is to hold a tab to rest the front cover.

I can't figure out how to get the top black panel off, but I've removed the side white covers and the top blue bar, and while printing with these off, no clicking sound at first, but it is returning. I suspect the ink/ribbon that lays below the black top cover is rubbing up against something. If I can get the black top cover off, I can look directly down to see what's going on down there.

I've found many threads and videos about this, but no one has posted a cause / solution.

How do I get those tabs back in place that I accidentally unscrewed? ;-)

Mine did similar. I adjusted the tension/alignment of the white carriage drive belt to cure it. Used a finger to gently move the belt on the drive rollers while printing to test before adjusting.

That may be beyond my pay grade, but I'm willing to try.

Did you adjust these?


The ones I warned you about. Ensure you have the tabs. I had to replace the powersupply for a customer who unknowing removed and the tab fell into the power supply. Once the cover is removed, then put it back in place. When I go into a BN I place a tape over them to remind me not to remove. as for getting the covers off. there are screws on the inside by the rollers and along the outer - just move the cover and see where the hang ups are.

Can I get the cover off the power supply to re-attach that tab? I got confused as to which ones to leave alone :-(



The power supply is under the cover on the left side. You need to remove that cover before powering the machine. If it fell in the wrong spot then it could fry that board.

Which cover is giving you a hard time so I can get you the screw locations.

The top black one.



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