I have an SP300i and all the heads are working good apart from the black. As this is the same head as the cyan, could the problem still be caused by the capping station? or should I try and replace the damper or both. It looks as if the black is only firing on 50% of the nozzles. I have tried cleaning and head soak without success, Please Help!

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I know I answered this and there was no test print, so now no answer and a test print. You need a head

Hi sorry about the confusion with the posts. I'm new here so still figuring out the forum. Is this nozzle pattern indicative of nozzles not firing? 

indicative of exhausted nozzles. You can try changing the damper, which is the cheaper of the two. However the nipple is brittle and sensitive use care or you will crack and get air. To have 3 channels firing that good, the black is know to be used more and suffer like you see. Soaking will not clear up the block or deflecting nozzles. You can try that also - at least a 48 hour head soak, then if no change - starting of head replacement.


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