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I have reviewed some of the previous chats on the forum regarding banding but I am still unclear on how resolve my banding issue. I have a SP300V printer the firmware was updated earlier this year.  I am experiencing banding issues with blue (see attached). My nozzle check appears decent so I am not sure of the cause of my problem or how to correct it. I would guess that it may be related to an need for an adjustment or re-calibration of some kind.  Please advise..... 



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Print the VW test print - that will determine if it it printer or file

Also when taking picture of nozzle test - clarity and straight on is important for determining issues - your nozzles seem sufficient enough

You can also post a pix of your calibration test - not the entire thing but the arrow and 3 in each direction

How do I run the calibration test. I must be doing something wrong . I only get 1 cone to print?

To add, make sure your vinyl is not touched when loading into the printer. We use a CLEAN microfiber cloth every time we change out the vinyl to make sure nothing will affect the print. I've had issues with blues banding on the most expensive 3M cast vinyl out there and it's sometimes an issue with vinyl manufacturing. Clean the heads and clean the vinyl and see if that helps. Good luck!


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