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At 6:17pm on June 19, 2010, Vicki Dunning said…
What is the best material to use for imprinting if I want to use it as an embroidery applique? The material must be able to withstand not only the embroidery, but rough treatment by the owners of the jackets. The jackets will be Carhartts, if that helps you understand the rough treatment they are likely to get. The design I am planning to use is diamond plate. Appreciate any suggestions you may have!
At 3:12pm on January 7, 2010, Candy Mattingly said…
At 12:42pm on October 8, 2009, Candy Mattingly said…
At 12:56am on June 1, 2009, KWASI INNISS said…
Whats Good,
I'm from Trinidad a small island in the Caribbean and have plans of purchasing a cutter and heat press, to expand my graphic design business. Through my research on the net your name has been popping up all i guess u are the guru of some sort when it comes to the direct to garment printing scene ...anyway i was wondering if u have any insight and/or thoughts about the self weeding transfer paper and its affect competitively against the VersaCAMM print/cut system.
At 9:35am on April 11, 2009, Justin Romines said…
Thank you Josh.
At 9:25pm on March 31, 2009, Kenna said…
I use Corel X3 to design and Wasatch to Rip with. I have not had many issues at all with this combination. My printer is a Mutoh and is not print and cut so I set up my prints on a Graphtec plotter with the ARM to cut with.
I had a "test shirt" when I first printed the Color Print 2 and kept putting it in the washer and dryer (doing everything wrong like a regular customer would) and I got 40 washes before it started showing signs of wear! This wasn't a regular square transfer either, it was a picture of a "Harp Guitar" and was contour cut even along the strings. I have no problem selling this product ad have never had a complaint from a customer!
Fun stuff.
At 7:47pm on March 31, 2009, Kenna said…
Sorry it's been so long! Been using the color print 2 with my Mutoh Valujet and get great results every time!
At 5:38pm on February 6, 2009, Bruce Weiandt said…
Hi Josh,

This site looks really cool. I have not had a good chance to go through it yet but I'm looking forward to it.

Nice work!

At 12:41am on January 26, 2009, Jay Green said…
I'm trying to get into this t-shirt bizness, I have orders out the wazoo and I need help............... I am trying to do a couple of shirts for my church. They are placing orders by the dozen and I need to know how I can get the oders done. I need a quality design that will last. Where do I get that...please help
At 10:10pm on January 5, 2009, Mike Davies said…
sweet i love giveaways!
At 2:10am on December 31, 2008, Miles said…
Still working out new items on the Versacamm! I need to start posting pics of some of the products we have done. Christmas had some nice stuff that we took pictures of.
At 7:50pm on October 1, 2007, SandeePineda said…
Hi Josh,

I haven't yet, but I want to. Can you send me the heat and pressure settings? Also, do you know if it will adhere to vinyl?


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