VS-540 waste Pump is not Sucking the ink Via Captop.

Hello To all.

Finally i managed to install the new head. But i am facing the problem that my pump does not suck the ink from the captop, while the pump works fine.

The following things i have done so far:

1. I sucked the inks with Syringe from the tube which comes from the cap-top and the ink can be sucked with no problem.

2. I checked if my Waste ink tube is clogged and not sucking the ink via the cap-top, but it is fine and i also cleaned and made sure that the ink passes.

3. I tried putting solvent on the cap-top and the solvent passes by smoothly to the waste ink tube to the drain bottle.

4. I have installed new print head and new dampers. new wipers and new cap-top.

5. I checked the Choke is fine but the ink is not pushing to the print head.

After installation of the print head i am not getting the calibration and colors smooth at all.

I have totally gone crazy what to do as if i keep continuing to the suck the ink then i am out of inks completely and we have big time shortage plus the inks are very expensive.

Where am i going wrong? Kindly assist as i am struggling to make my VS-540 to run since last year.

brand new head was damaged and we had to purchase another new head.

Kindly assist please.

With best regards.

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Comment by Steven Jackson - Admin on March 17, 2014 at 10:14am

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