When Bringing to Versa Works Cut Line is not lining up with graphic,

making in Adobe CC, Line is perfectly on , when taking to versa Works to cut,

Line changes, to lower right bottom . 

Meaning it move down on graphic to cut off some top of graphic,and leaving edge on bottom.

see Picture !!

Have tryed ALL setting in versa works doesnt change ,

Have imported as , Jpg,Eps,etc 

Have Changed all setting in Vesa Works Eps Settig etc

Cannot get cut exactly on line .

Have even tried Fonts A.C.L.Z Same .Cut Line Off 

Bottom and to the Right !!

Anybody have  A Souliton ????

Thank You !!

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Comment by Connie on February 24, 2016 at 9:22am

I have a similar problem in the fact that the cutline (marching ants) will not be there is spots, so the cut is not complete. This does show up in the preview as a void. In CorelDraw the cut line is complete. 

Any suggestions out there?

Thanks, Connie

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