undefined  I cant get a tech out till next week and he said he it sounded like I need a new head. I have a roland versa Camm Sp 300i   I have seen some bad stuff in my day and I don't think I need a new head but I would love some input from the Versa Camm family

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Comment by Brian & Alysha Stichter on August 7, 2015 at 3:55pm

Thank you so much. I appreciate the help and your time. I will call the tech guy out. I'm sure that will cost a pretty penny. I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting over sold or anything. I have worked with Versa Camm in the past as an employee and never had to maintain it myself. I have a few orders till next week, so I will print them on high quality. Once again, Thank you,


Comment by irving donaldson on August 7, 2015 at 3:41pm

You have it in the wrong area to get comments. Move it to  one of the other areas not the blog. The SP has two heads that are shared. The heads nozzle test repeats itself - so your issue is only half bad. Your cyan/blk head has one serious black issue and major cyan issues. The other head is fine. Printing black would get you some overspray but printing anything using cyan will get you overspray and banding. Printing high quality will buy you some time, but that head needs to be replaced.That heavy line is the spot in your nozzle test. The banding in your top print is from the nozzles in the blue that will never give even prints.Since the nozzles are deflected cleaning will not help.

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