Recently, Inobu and I had a very interesting conversation offline about an online topic of connectivity. He was contradicting my many years of connecting Versaworks to VersaCAMMS. Inobu were using terms like Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) and I was like WTH. Life needs to be simple and the more time I have showing and not connecting is the best for me. I found no problem in setting a static IP address on the network card, and making VWs and the VC have the same address on the same network as the Network Card. Inobu explained how there is no need for a static IP on the card if the Tech took advantage of the APIPA. 

  In connecting the VC to the Computer we are creating a private network, once without a DHCP service. The reason for the static IP was that we were venturing away from the default Microsoft IP network. Following Inobu instructions: I wiped out my static IP; set my VW and VC with a network address of with a network submask of When I pressed verify, my machine was found and connected. 

  I think one of the biggest benefits of this type of setup is realized on computers that use a wired internet connection. Those computers require swapping printer for internet when only one card is used. As promised to Inobu, I will publicize his contribution if found to be right. I am still in the testing mode so no endorsement yet, but something to consider.


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Comment by irving donaldson on November 20, 2015 at 8:28am

I endorse and say this is the way to go for connectivity!

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