Thinking about changing the name of our Business

What are your experiences and thoughts of business names. We have learned the hard way over the last 4 years that our company name is not that easy to remember or spell.

Since we started up roughly in the spring of 06' we named our company Decisive Graphics. 1st major problem. Nobody knows how to spell Decisive with out asking. Even vendors have spelled our name wrong. Sooooo.

What are your thoughts on Custom Graphics Cafe? Easy to spell, remember, and it supports our theme and future plans of owning a store front one day! A nice space to come in sit down have a coffee with us and discuss the customer ideas.

I look forward to seeing other business owners thoughts on this topic.

Be well!


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Comment by Jim Ashby on November 19, 2010 at 9:33am
How about just "Graphics Cafe'" ?
Comment by Ken Wagner on October 13, 2010 at 11:01pm
I agree with Steve about moving this to the forum. That being said, while it is tricky changing a business name there are times it is necessary. The tricky part is losing brand identity and customer awareness. If you have been in business several years then you surely have many customers already that know you and what you do. Then only new clients would be the ones may not understand your name. I agree Decisive Graphics is somewhat vague but at least has the word Graphics in it. Changing to Custom Graphics Cafe is somewhat better but what if you don't put in the coffee area. Then you'll have to change your name again to avoid confusion. Maybe Custom Graphics Plus might work better as it implies something more than just custom graphics. When I chose the name for our company I sat down with some graphic designer friends. We started out as a Pre-press company with no idea we'd be involved in printing, embroidery, graphic design, T-shirts and sign making. But I told them I wanted something that had color in the name and something that would catch peoples eye. We put down many names and words and combined and mixed for a long time. Firery, Hot, Sizzling, and many words I cannot remember now. Finally one of them mentioned Blazing Color and we all laughed saying almost at the same time, Blazing Saddles. Well, the name stuck and almost everyone that sees our name on our business card says Blazing Saddles or even unknowingly calls us Blazing Saddles. Now Blazing Color does many things but our name has not held us back since it is rather generic but if very recognizable and memorable. Sometimes the keep it simple solution is best.
Comment by Vicki Dunning on September 26, 2010 at 11:52pm
Mike, I'm amused by Irv's answer. When we were trying to pick a business name Dennis insisted that it had to relate directly to what we did; which at the time was only embroidery. So our business name is Embroidery Designs. It's amazing how many people call and ask if we do "engraving" on jackets. "Engraving" really??? And when people write us checks, no one can spell "embroidery". Our solultion was to add a tag line. So we're still Embroidery Designs, but with an edit to our tag line "machine embroidery and imprinting".

I happen to like the new name you're thinking about using, Custom Graphics Cafe. I saw the logos a few days ago on the scrolling photos and liked them as well. I don't know what you have to do to actually change your name. I know we had to register it with some agency to get our NYS tax certificate at our start up, but have no idea what would need to be done to change the DBA. Good luck!
Comment by irving donaldson on September 19, 2010 at 1:46pm
Hey Mike I trust you returned home safely and had a great training exchange. I would say names and logos are very important and folks get a lot of money matching the two with a particular company. Changing often or at all can be risky but if not much is invested in the old one then changing is fine. You also can start up another business or do a DBA - doing business as - to handle the name change and keep the original. I always tell people to list out all they want to do or become along with the clients they look to attract and match that to the environment they will be in and the themes should start forming. I think your explaination of the new name and your future plans is a nice match. Everyone likes internet cafes so your thoughs will be inline with folks thinking of a relax environment to get their projects done. Now your old name is more like me since I am a decisive individual that exists with miltary precision. As you see I can only stay serious for a few sentences before my battle weariness slips in. So with all that said - I hate Blue Alert and people cannot get what I do from my name - but my business focus changed and my name did not. I am experimenting under that name and one day I will open a large establishment with my dream name. If that does not work then blue alert will fit as all will need to be on alert for the wrecking ball know as blue. @ Steve since folks dont read blogs I can post my craziness there.
Comment by Steven Jackson on September 19, 2010 at 12:47pm
I would recommend re posting this in the forum section. The blogs do not get looked at near as much as he forum section and most people miss items here.

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