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Thank you to Steven Jackson

This is a public thank you to Steven Jackson for teaching me something new about color management in VersaWorks today.

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Visual perception of white

I wanted to share something that I never noticed before about the color white printed using RVW-BK01A (a Roland VersaWorks white) on our SP-540i (a CMYK machine).  I had a design with white in it that I printed it on Quick Print.  I printed some of white using RVW-BK01A and other parts without it, in other words, I let the Quick Print be the white color.  The RVW-BK01A white printed with a little black ink in it and, much to my surprise, it looked whiter than the white of the Quick Print,…


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Glue line

During a car wrap workshop in May, Steven Jackson explained that calendered vinyl is more prone to shrinking than cast vinyl and that shrinking can produce a glue line, also known in the vernacular, as a snot line.  How bad could it be I asked Steven with some trepidation?  He said it depended, among other things, on the size and age of the material.  As luck would have it, we recently installed a sign on on a store-front window next to a round vinyl sign that was about 3 1/2 feet in diameter… Continue

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Banner fade after 1 year

There have occasionally been questions about coloring fading in banners.  Attached is a photo of a banner (12' x 4.5') that we installed last September in southeast New York 100_0741.JPG and the same banner a year later banner%20fade2.jpg.  The material was 13 oz. Jet Flex.  The… Continue

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Illusion with perforated vinyl

We just printed and laminated a sign using 65/35 perforated vinyl.  By chance, after trimming the sign, I put a scrap piece of perforated vinyl on top of another piece.  To my surprise, it produced the illusion of larger holes.  The first photo is the perforated vinyl and the second is the two pieces stacked.




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Vehicle wrap critique

We have a client who orders embroidered and imprinted shirts from us.  He also has a pickup truck with a camo wrap on it.  While visiting to discuss imprinted shirts, I examined the wrap on his truck, armed with what I learned at the recent Imprintables wrap class.  From a distance it looked fine.  However, as I got close, I could tell immediately that the wrap was not done according to the standards we were taught and practiced.  There were wrinkles (lots of wrinkles) along the edges of the… Continue

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Color charts

At our hands-on training with Steven Jackson, we were advised to print a color chart for each material that we were going to use (one more thing to do during a busy day).  So, I printed a color chart on calendared white vinyl and have used it often for calendared vinyl and other materials.  Recently, I used it to pick colors for printing on Seramark.  Surprise, surprise -- the colors on Seramark were quite different.  I have since printed a color chart for Seramark.

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Irv and Kevin

I was reading the September/October 2010 issue of Impressions magazine while making pancakes this morning and noted (on page 12) a What's New item announcing that the two of you are officially new moderators of MyVersaCAMM. Nice.

Irv - I have been doing work for Chapter 33 of the Red Knights, a lot of it on my nickel. Well, last thursday I was invited to a Chapter meeting for what I thought was an "attaboy". Turns out I was installed as an honary member, the only one they…


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