Hey Guys,

Was interested in knowing your review about this machine. We have a VP540i which is 7 years old now.

We need to upgrade and wanted an opinion from a VG640 owner. We plan to use in CMYKLcLmLk config.

How is the ink usage, head performance, importantly print & cut alignment, can I do some fine adjustment while the cutting operation is happening during a job run (example for a 10ft print & cut job).

Thanks a lot
Rahul from sunderella.com

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The VG is the VP replacement, except.....Both have 4 heads and offer you CMYK the VP dual same cartridge, while the VG heads are split.Half CMYK, the other half LcLmK and CL. Your size will be longer, and due to the L colors you will get a wider gamut of colors and better tones. The dual will help with gradients, the tru vis inks dry faster and less cost. The VG is a tank, and prints faster requiring it to be a tank. With the introduction of the head guard it addressed a major concern I had for the machine. Since you have the VPi you can use dual on it also.

Thanks Irving, 

Do you know how the print-cut performs, and if there is some misalignment during the job, does the manual print-cut adjustment work on the go. 

When you mention Dual, are you talking about the RIP software (versaworks dual)

Also there are many people complaining about over-usage of ink and especially so with the CMYKLcLmLk config being 1.5 times CMYKCMYK. Is this right or just hearsay?

Never heard of the ink over usage which is not making sense to me. I can see the 7 color using more since it is using more colors to make the print, however the usage is spread over 7 and not 4. Dual CMYK is bridged so it may just seem slower, or less.

Yes I do mean the rip as dual.

The print and cut is consistent with the other machine, and it adjusts as with the legacy machines. On all of the install I have done, 95% is 7 color. No one has opted for the white. and one dual CMYK. If you are just doing cmyk then the SG might be the way to go. I guess you would lose speed and the pretty lights that the VG has. White while printing, red if it triggers an error.

Not sure what you mean by on the go, but if you can adjust your VP you will have no issues with the VG. The other calibrations are in the same area except the bi direction is improved as in shorter. The cutting mechanism is improved also. The wiper sits in cleaning solution, and the command is now under the function key.

My largest complaint was head crashes and the destruction of the head, the machine has undergone an improvement and now has a headguard to protect it. Ink is cheaper so at the end of the day the cost to run is cheaper and the machine is less than the VS machine.


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