Check out the pictures attached. These jerseys are about to enter their second season of baseball. The customer brought them back in to have a sponser print added. He did not say anything about how they looked but I am embarassed to see them like this after a year of play. Does anyone have good advice for printing black on Quickprint? Does the max impact setting make a difference. Are there any other medias that take to black bettter? Thanks

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I bet the shirts are being cleaned with detergent with bleach in it, and not turned inside out. That is all you can do to slow down the ink loss. This is one instance where doing a multi color 'vinyl' buildup will outlast a digital print. It's a pain to do the colors and borders but can be done. You may even be able to order them 'pre assembled' from Stahls.

I don't use Quickprint anymore so I'm of little help.............but to clarify, are you saying you didn't use MaxImpact?


Lady Di,

Why don't you use Q-print anymore?

John, no big deal, I just can't deal with the thin white border

It looks sloppy to me

And to keep the product stocked for only jobs that have an (intentional) white border doesn't make a lot of sense to me......too many other products out there that don't have that pesky issue.






I go along with Roland about the layering, I'm just not real fond of printed media for multi year sports uniforms. I've seen to much of it fade after high abrasive detergent being used and most sports uniforms are cleaned with abrasive detergents to remove stains. I try to get my customers to go with a good quality cut product instead of printed - a little more costly but longevity makes up for it.

I have shirts I numbered and logo'd for the local middle school basketball and soccer teams...over 5 years ago, and they still look great. They haven't had to reorder any of them yet. All I used was Specialty Films or Stahls gorilla grip, on 100% poly uniform shirts. Longest I've had a digital print design last on a teeshirt is about 3 years...did two for my son and grandson for christmas in 2011 and they have already faded out. But they were wearing them every week-matching shirts.

Thanks for the replies. I dont think I used the max impact setting on these but I dont thi.nk that would have made a difference. Usually these types of shirts are one year and done b/c the kids grow out of them or the team was a one time deal. I would go along with the theory of harsh detergent since I can picture all of these thrown in with a bunch of grass stained white pants the parents are trying to clean. Funny thing is this is really never an issue with our customers so they muat be aware that they are washing the heck out of them.


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