I recently replaced the printhead on my SP540V. I changed the head rank before. Now the yellow does not print at all in test print. I then put the old print head back and changed the head rank and also no yellow still even though it did print yellow prior to changing the heads initially. The Magenta prints but no yellow. I also put in a new DX4 Data cable to see if that was the problem and still no yellow. I checked my fuses and they are both good. One of my transistors was previously replaced a year before not sure if that has anything to do with that. Please let me know.

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You are in front of the machine and only you know what you did or did not do whether on purpose or by accident. If you have magenta and no yellow then your fuse is good, since they are on the fuse. You changed the cable and nothing. Then swap the cable between yellow and magenta - if you get yellow and no magenta - then cable - if you get magenta - then cable is good. If cable is good, check damper - you might have cracked the nipple and you are now getting air.

Okay thank you for your quick reply. It could be that. You are talking about the nipple on the printhead manifold correct?

yes very easy to crack - unlikely same issue on 2 different heads -

same issue different heads, then check cable - ensure inserted and no bent pins

you can try pulling ink with a syringe that eliminates electrical altogther

Okay so I replaced the manifold on the printhead and still no yellow. I feel like it maybe something electrical. I also pulled the ink with a syringe. I also put new data cables. Can a bad transistor cause just the yellow to not fire?

The answer is yes, but that would have been easy to tell you that hours ago, but that does not help you. On printers, techs swaps boards, we do not go into replacing components on the boards. If you or have a board level tech, then they can start that process, but you have many boards to run through starting from the printhead board, all the way back to the mother board.

Okay thank you Irving for your help. I will check with a component level tech first and let you know what happens. Also I am using Alternative Eco Inks. The printhead is fairly new although I do not believe the third party inks have something to do with yellow alone not printing.

Well, in my opinion, third party inks ALWAYS cause problems! Unless you do boatloads and boatloads of printing and go through several cartridges weekly, the small savings in ink with 3rd parties is hardly ever worth it. 

Again my opinion......mileage may vary.

That is good advice. After I fix this printer I will definitely go back to original cartridges. I still have the issue with just the yellow. I had the transistor replaced and still no yellow. I am thinking I will have to start with the print carriage board and go from there. Thank you and I appreciate the help.

So it seems the print head was installed without changing the head rank at first and blew out a fuse. Then the fuse was replaced and the head rank was changed. Can the print head without changing head rank being installed blow something else out in the Print Carriage board or Mother board?

HeadRank is for the head to receive the proper voltage - so that is not blowing fuses, you can get bad prints - getting ink on the cables or printboard blows fuses. Each cartridge has a chip - how do you know you do not have a chip failure. 


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