XR-640 over cutting the media, What should I look into in term of adjustment or in case part replacement? Thanks brother

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Not getting your definition of 'over cutting'

When its doing print and cut, it cuts right through vinyl so I think there must be a groove on the cutting strip and I need to also maybe enable Evn Match, adjust the force and do crop cut adj and print cut adj and make sure blade not extend too out. I am doing a repair for someone, am I missing any tricks? thanks.

No that is the solution set. Credit card thickness on the blade depth unless they do perfcut then a little more. Do the print/cut that is for regular and the crop/cut is for the registration type cuts. It is the test cut that will stop it from going through carrier - adjust the force and show them how to do it for other medias.

Thanks Irv,

I took my time to do it. I did Bi-directional, Crop/Cut Adj, Print/Cut Adj all in service mode and user mode and it was precise but I always wanted to do the Calibration & Print/Cut Adj set to 0 then and test print and adjust from there on wards. Irv. what brand name grease you recommend for gear/pulley

I don't never had in all of my 9 years and I am amazed when I see folks asking. I be wondering what region are they working in that I never serviced. If you need know, I am sure it is in my secret coded manual.

Haha thanks anyway for your feed back


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