I have a Roland XR-640 that all of a sudden head a has lost two colors totally. I haven't had any head strikes and the machine is taken care of meticulously. Only Roland brand ink. So trouble shooting this myself I have replace the dampers and caps, Roland original parts. While looking at the lines I noticed that one of the lines for a color I lost has an air bubble in it. So I tried to pull ink through the head using a syringe on one of the cap drain lines. I hear a gargling sound like the cap isn't sealing to the head and I can only pull air. I see no ink flow through the lines either before or after the head. I tried the other cap for the other head and it also has a gargling sound and no ink flow in the lines. The original Roland caps that I used are a few years old, not sure if the rubber goes bad sitting in the package that I found that were given to me when I bought the machine. Also machine is only 2.5 years old and not run that heavy.

Does anyone have any idea on why the caps are not sealing to the head correctly.  

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Describe what is attached to the 3 nipples on the bottom of the cap!

I little cap plugging one port and two clear suction lines on the other two ports

OK great - most people do not have the cap and the air comes in from there. Check that no lines blew off the the connections. Check where lines go into dampers that they are snug and cannot easily pull off, if the do snip a small piece of the ends. On the motherboard are fuses check they they are working.

did all that but I will check the fuses

ON the XR-640 do you know what amperage fuse it takes. I want to get some before I tear the machine apart so I have them.

I checked the fuses and they are all good

fuse good, check. cables, print board, manifold. Could just be a bad head!

I think its time to junk the machine.  This is the second machine. Roland replaced first machine after 6 months because of problems and Roland didn't know how to fix it so they gave me a new machine.  Now this machine is just over 2 years old and now it has nothing but problems I've spent over $3000 so far trying to fix this printer. No way to test anything just try throwing parts at it. Might look at a different printer company.

You can do that and no telling because all companies have their issues. For the most part, If the machine was under warranty then it would be a matter of swapping out the parts until it was repaired. Board level work is never done by techs due to it being too costly and time consuming. The cheapest thing at times is calling a tech, since they would hopefully get into the right area and then have the parts a phone connection with Roland to act as a lifeline if need be. They are like todays cars and the home mechanic would not have the necessary training to even change the oil. All the best in your final decision.

I have been helped by a Roland tech today, He did the exact same things I did. Changed the exact same parts as I did, Now I have a bill for $1300.00 and the machine is the same as when they arrived. They talked with a tech on the phone at Roland. Now they want to order two new boards and try that. Don't know how much the boards will cost me.

Which boards - I can maybe give you a heads up. 

I recently had the same issue on a repair - except the next visit will be with 4 boards. Sometimes you just do not know what you are facing and have to rely on an interview with the customer and hope you get what actually happen just before and when it was noticed. You are now in the water so stay threading for once working you can make your money back!

Just to keep this updated because I hate it when threads just quit with no solution to the problem.

Now they changed two boards and four cables, Still same problem. Now they are talking eight dampers and two print heads. This is ridiculous that they can only throw parts at it and not actually test anything.  I'm almost at the point I could have just bought a new machine and been ahead with at least having a warranty on the machine.


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