Hi! Guys,

Today I worked on my XC540 and I am having Magenta drop out. In the beginning, I had half magenta nozzle test print and after the following adjustment and parts replacement my final test print down to few 5%

- Cartridge are 100% full

- replaced Dampers

- replaced Captops

- used syringe pull for suction

- replaced pumps (I don't see the flow going very well to the drain so I changed another pump again...same result)

- replaced data head flex cables

- replaced three fuses (check with multi meter and it was good but changed anyway)

- replaced hose from pump to drain

After the above, I thought to myself that I might have short the print head so I borrowed a friend print head to try on my Magenta print head and after many many times of medium and powerful clean, the nozzle test print down to 5% (my final nozzle test print picture in black...I took this pix from somewhere just to show you guys only) The only thing I felt doubtful is that when I replaced my friend print head, its tight and wants to bounce upwards. Any feed back appreciated.

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As always a great listener - I cheat and do a choke clean to remove the air. Those electrical are always on the suspect look, tho. Long hours the tech nightmare. Best REgards.

Yeah! tell me about it, you can't ask customer right away to buy print head so hours are spend diagnostic the problem else where and could make situation worse. Roland machines never pin point the exact problem area just somewhere around there and go figure....so back of my mind are always board.


Exactly, so educated guesses are the key - carrying all likely boards and parts - for troubleshooting components could be expensive, but customers do not understand that. They want specifics and least cost - hard to get both. It is around about there - but that is only after being provided the half truth and never a head strike until you read the peck - lol. I am now done. lol


One different question. If I replace VSi dampers, I know we have to apply cleaning fluid to all o rings before install but do I still need to use syringe to pull ink into damper? I didn't do that the last time and it was fine and I always do it on dx4 dampers before powerful cleaning. Thanks.

I never have to. One or two Power Cleans or a Choke Clean - works for me if it is stubborn., once or twice I did a fill, but that depends on how many dampers I had changed - time is money and ink is cheaper.

yes! reassure myself now...thanks brother and great weekend

Roger, you as well

Hello Irv,

Come back to the room, never get enough of you. What the steps in the beginning procedure of replacing bearing block? Do we remove print head, dampers and print carriage and what about the cut carriage in the way let say it's a XC-540. See pix below, Thanks.Bearing Block Replacement

Actually do not know and would not do that job. The job is not even covered in the service manual. However if it is necessary, then you are stripping all of that down to get to the area. I would not move the cut carriage unless necessary since that is attached to belt. I would mark the location to ensure closeness in the reassembly. A new machine might be cheaper, just saying.

Bonjour j'ai un problème sur ma RS 640.il s'allume directement

en anglais s'il vous plaît, et quel est le problème


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