Hi! Guys,

Today I worked on my XC540 and I am having Magenta drop out. In the beginning, I had half magenta nozzle test print and after the following adjustment and parts replacement my final test print down to few 5%

- Cartridge are 100% full

- replaced Dampers

- replaced Captops

- used syringe pull for suction

- replaced pumps (I don't see the flow going very well to the drain so I changed another pump again...same result)

- replaced data head flex cables

- replaced three fuses (check with multi meter and it was good but changed anyway)

- replaced hose from pump to drain

After the above, I thought to myself that I might have short the print head so I borrowed a friend print head to try on my Magenta print head and after many many times of medium and powerful clean, the nozzle test print down to 5% (my final nozzle test print picture in black...I took this pix from somewhere just to show you guys only) The only thing I felt doubtful is that when I replaced my friend print head, its tight and wants to bounce upwards. Any feed back appreciated.

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Well not sure about others, but I am totally confused.

Thinking to myself, on first picture if I see no ink, I am thinking damper

New damper same results then, thinking cracked manifold

The head is firing on one side, easy to replace the cable and see if head will fire on the other side, just to confirm

Looking at the second picture where you are firing air, few nozzles, then check manifold. nipples where dampers connect become brittle.

Thanks Irv,

Forgot to tell you guys I changed Manifold 2 times and Magenta dampers 3 times just to get pressure for pull suction down under but it seem now its 5%  nozzle test print. Can I perform pump up to remove ink and air bubble or should I perform headwash only on Magenta, cleaning the lines might help. I read on one of your thread that there are different Captops that don`t seal properly so Im going to check on that too.

Seems way to much issues on ur machines - lol. Ok with all of those changes, did you check the flushing position. You might be going through all of this and the head and tops are not aligned.

Headwashes are not prescriptive, they are all or none with a cleaning cart for each slot. 

You can if you want only magenta, run a cleaning cart in that slot and print out blocks of magenta until it runs clean.

Hi! Boss

I ran the headwash today but there isn't any fluid coming into drain bottle? with new dampers again I did ink fill and don't see ink filling up so I used syringe to pulled ink from dampers. there doesn't seem to be air from ink lines to damper but if I pulled from under the Captop is hard with bubbles and I usually ran out of room to pull further, that tells me something not right between Damper and Captop. Another thing the I saw underneath the head sitting are off so is that flushing position you talked about? Is that the answer to all my hard work?

XC540 doesn't have flushing position so during limit initialization we can do,

Confirm the relative positions of Head and Cap, moving
5 the capping unit up and down with [ ] and [ ] keys

is this same as flushing position?


Yes but I am checking the manual for your machine, do not recall off the top

Yes do that, followed by Cap-Height Adjustment

Hi! Irv,

Actually the Cap-Height Adjustment is good and Magenta only printing 20% or partially half side printing. Either the used print head is clogged or electrical problem(I know the fuses are good bcos I tested it) Another thing I like to ask is that after updating firmware and putting in a new third party ink, the Versaworks utility ink indicator says empty across but the inks are new for all so I wonder Versaworks not reading the flow of Magenta cartridge?(the rest of the ink are good CYKLmLc and I changed Magenta cartridge twice). all boards light up and beside cartridge chip, transistor or short printhead what else. Print head arrive next Monday.

3rd party ink. If I walk into your facility and I see 3rd party ink, I am walking out. Too much to track down. It could be a matter of the chip and how it was duped. 

As for the half not working - damper, cable, manifold, then head - you can check cable by switching to another head.

Hi! Boss

Its printing 20% but blurry so that tells me not electronic issue but clogged so I wait for the print head to arrive and install it, its weekend today so go for afternoon nap and I will keep you update.

great, will stay up to not miss it - enjoy

Hi! Friend,
Ok! Today I installed a new print head and did powerful cleaning after but Magenta was printing blank again, I was afraid it could be electronic problem now so I thought to myself that its a new head so ink might not get in the head as yet so I did the syringe pull and Whoopi Magenta came back nicely and time to go home. Sometime powerful cleaning still not good enough and need your pull power. Thanks for listening.


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