downloaded trial version of x6 to play with pretty cool.

I was trying to do a small print cut job but versaworks did not recognize the cut contour so I just went back to x4 resent the job using the cut contour in x4 and versaworks did not recognize it again

What happened?

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If you have a media picked in your queue "settings" under the Edit tab, like canvas or a non cutting material it will grey out the cut settings in the queue, make sure you have your media selected as generic vinyl 1 or similar in settings, Don't know if that's the whole problem but it will disable the cut command.

Try re initializing the program. That may fix it. You will have to re input your settings and jobs as they will get erased in the process
Try re initializing the program. That may fix it. You will have to re input your settings and jobs as they will get erased in the process

Steve, how do i re initialize versaworks

thanks to all, good suggestions will try them all

Bob, on the desktop go to start, all programs, versaworks and hit initialize.

Once again thanks to all re initializing was the answer make sure you write down the ip address before you do it (older machines like the sp dont store the ip on the printer) had a mild stroke when it couldnt find my printer

Same sort of issue here... 

hey all,  I popped on this board to see if anyonoe on here has had any luck setting up 'custom' cit lines for corels new version x6?  I've already been through Corel Boards and no such luck suffice to say I did have a corel guru point out to me that Corel has included Roland Color Pallets with corel software.  Luckily the CutContour works and I was able to get moving again quickly but it still bothers me that the I am unable to make the custom cut lines as I have done from 9 - x5.

when Migrating from x3 I simply used that color pallet in x4 it worked,

migrating from x4 to x5 the color pallet worked!  from x5 to x6....Nada, and I am at a loss to figure out what gives?

I mean don't get me wrong, I am able to use the cut line corel provided, but I did not see a color for the Variable Date Lines which while I don't use but every blue moon, however I would like to set it back up in case I need it.

Im not stressing about it because well, I still have x5.


But I am curious is anyone on this board using Corel X6 and their own cut lines or variable date lines?

I am using XP + x6 32 bit

When I get back to the shop monday i may have to try to add a file the cheque B and see what happens? that woould be really odd if it worked?!

I recently installed X6, set the Roland colors as my default, and used the Roland VersaWorks colors without a problem.  I have put a cut contour around images and VersaWorks recognized them.

Dennis - I believe he is trying to setup a custom color for VDP or Perf cut operations. They are not in the standard roland color library that is in Corel X5 or X6. See below on how to add them.

Here is a quick rundown of how to do it:

Go to tools and elect Palette editor

Next create a new palette

name the palette how you want i.e.: Roland Special Colors

Add a color to the palette and choose how it appears

Make sure the new color is a spot color and named properly

Save the new color palette

go to the palette manager docker and open the palette you created. Viola! Your new Roland special spot color palette is available and working!

Here is a quick video to show you how. Sorry no audio, it is Sunday morning and all my mics are in the office :-)


I made my own palette in X5 and called it versaworks that way I could have cut contour, white,100% silver metallic, perf-cut all in one group, when I installed X6 I just imported that palette all work fine. There's a Bald Eagle and a Osprey swooping down at the creek across the road pulling freshly stocked trout out, These guy's have been here all week. Awe-some sight.


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