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Sigh...I still have not solve my VP-540 problem with the error Wrong Head Installed. I am try to save money by using my FJ-540 water based print head install into my VP-540 but failed. The water based print head have 33 characters and I know Roland print head uses 19 characters so this is what I input into my VP-540, tell me if there is another way to do it bcos its not your normal question (see attachment), Thanks

This is what I keyed in service mode, and it will worked on service mode but not user mode



W ......



I did tried keyed in exactly all the 33 characters on the label but still said wrong head installed.

Thanks for reply

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I told you months ago it will not work. Unless you are going to rewrite the mainboard you cannot get where you need to be. 

The head looks alike, but is wired differently, Buy the correct head and be done.

Yeah! Boss this time in service mode it allowed me to changed rank# on the printer, I was excited about that but it does not worked either, OK! I rest my case...nice chatting to you a bit.


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