Using stahls express print many times it prints perfectly but seem anthing with black in it it starts out as correct colors then shifts colors after the first couple passes. To get around this I switch to the TTRH profile and it prints the correct colors but leave black streaks all over the print.  I’ve cleaned the print heads and carrier no fuzz etc. this has been happening for a couple weeks. Picture below shows example of what I’m getting. Blacks turn to blue using express print profile. Both files saved as eps in rgb and are vector files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Need the following:

- how old the captop

- the ink configuration

- the machine

- Nozzle test

Sp 300i
Replaced captop three weeks ago
Ink is Roland ecosol max

im leaning toward a new black head but can’t figure out why it prints ok for one pass then color shifts. When I switch to ttrh profile I get the correct colors but leaves black streaks. 

Color profiles dictates to the machine how the ink is distributed and at what levels

Some profiles call for different ink levels - if the one you are using is calling for ink that is not there due to nozzle drops or not capable of keeping up with damper refills you can get what you are getting

Would also need to see a calibration test to rule out banding

Calibration test shows it should be set around -.60 but when I set it there and do a test print from the machine it shows an overlap on the middle of the test print. .0 is the only setting that doesn’t give an overlap in test print 

don't think that half of the black cyn head will recover and certainly will not help banding in its present state.

idea to check the damper flow is to print at a lot slower speed and put a delay in between passes if available.

the streaking i think is fluff or the spit sponge between the capping station and the print bed is swollen and rubbing the head this will cause streaking and drop out.

checking the head for fluff best done with the head far left as cleaning position  with a bright light and mirror.

from experience the black defections is common on a 2-3 year old head probably light to middle use to help combat this problem is to agitate the black cart  once every couple of weeks. i does not do any harm to do the others now and again either.

on the test print the feed looked about ok.

so start saving for a new head damper etc. 

The correct look is - columns are equally spaced - overlap or space in the middle means it is off. With your nozzles and that pattern - you cannot get a proper reading.


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