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Todd, I’ve used just regular Oracal. Trying to print/cut on metallic vinyl isn't worth the effort for me

That looks great label's feel should feel more paper then vinyl .

I do have a roll of something that more resembles adhesive backed paper, Todd (I use it for bumper stickers)……the problem is it’s thick.
Personally, I prefer the semi-gloss Oracal look than the thicker paper.
That said, I do agree, paper looks ‘better’ than vinyl but if you use a thinner printable paper, you’d need to add some sort of glue to get it on the bottle as well as some sort of backer so the paper stays intact and doesn’t rip to shreds and cause a head strike while it’s running through the machine. I don’t know if there is a thin adhesive backed paper available. There may be but I’ve never seen it. 
The thin paper roll I have doesn’t have a backing. I use it mainly for posters or disposable banners.

People, well the people that are my customers, would never pay for all the work it takes for me to make a proper wine bottle paper label. 
Being old and grouchy now, I tell them to either order them from places that make their living printing labels……or deal with what I give them because they only want a handful of customized labels to begin with!  

I'm actually on the hunt for myself this time.

I make my own wine and design my label I get a kick out of it

Let me just say CYW is a trusted source here and my very first solo install - I forgot how many years Lady Di! I will say Todd was my last, but I have done 10 since his - LOL! To you both Happy CAMMing! Oh Todd if you want a more paper feel - look up wall graphic vinyl - like graptec, or Wall frog by Roland - like fathead, not named fathead!

……and just for the record, you never forget your first!


Oohh, blushing - 


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