Im having issues printing on window perf... My pinch rollers seem to be making the vinyl come off the backing and smearing ink as printhead passes over the lifted vinyl... I turned heat off and the pinch roller is still lifting the perf off the backing...

I also have my edge clamps on and they arent helping...

Im printing on clear focus window perf.... any suggestions are greatly appreciated!  I need to get these test prints done and this is now screwing me...

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Actually I think it is your media. I use clear focus and accompanying laminate and do not and did not have those results. So if you had asked for a sample piece, that might be the issue. IF it is your media and it was not stored correctly, that could be the issue. No telling from where I sit. I have had it around a while (winters) and it is still good the following warm season.

Thanks Irving!  Makes sense honestly... this 24 vue from clear focus was a 5 yard sample they sent me... I bought and have a roll of clear focus reflect vue that prints great...I moved my pinch rollers in a bit and lifted my printhead which seems to have helped but the one side is still fingering off the backing on the left side... see pics


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