Is it just Roland printers or what? I cant get my printer to print without double lines or fuzziness in the print. Nozzle test is spot on . Feed calibration is perfect although it gets misaligned sometimes until I reload the media. Encoder strip is clean. Environment is clean. Bidirectional calibration is perfect, head is low. Can it be the media, as that is the only media I got. No profiles have been installed for the mactac macpoly 929P media I have as I currently use generic vinyl 1 or GVCP.

2 concerns though.
1. Why does the feed calibration get misaligned sometimes and becomes fine after I reload the media.
2. Assuming it is a static problem, how do I get rid of it temporarily in order to run a test.

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Hi Mike, please see my response in your thread "Shadows in Prints"


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