I mean technically it can if I add enough pressure, but I was wondering if this is something that my machine was designed to do. I am talking about cutting stickers and having the backing paper be cut to a specific shape as well. At this point we're just weeding the entire sheet of stickers and then cutting them apart by hand. If you have any tips or recommendations on a printer that does this, let me know!

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Yes it can do it and for many years now if you use the cut line named: PerfCutContour

It will not however slice the backer in the middle like where you buy and peel to get the backing off.

You can cut shapes all day, or night long

After a few youtube videos we figured it out. You just saved us hours and hours of time and labor. Thank you so much! 

You are welcome - you could have also searched this site for articles and sample perfcut files.

Here is a TIP you might not get from youtube: Couple your perfcut with a contourcut and the results will be smoother. VWs will preform the contour cut first and then go back and and do the perfcut.

Here is TIP 2: the money maker

Do not do too many at one time - I normally do 2 rows, cut a row, 2 rows cut a row! this way if something messes up then you have some good ones and not a sheet of printed and not cut decals. Also if it is cutting too deep, then the decals will fall out and jam your printer.

You need to research Print & Cut accuracy which shows you how to set up to do 2 rows at a time. Your choice to do more, but if anything goes wrong, I will look for your next post thanking me again.

I also had posted how to do the P&C accuracy on this site so you can search here too.

Happy CAMMing


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