Hey Guys

Iv had this problem ever since iv had the Roland BN-20 since late January.

It seems to print roland colours fine when its a strong colour but when i go for a light colour it gets all pixelated. I can do most logo's for stickers but if i do a vector on Poli media or even on gloss paper it comes out pixelated.

I have CMMYK normal Sol no number, i just made a video of the pixalted areas as its hard to get a picture of.

Any ideas on what to try ? I would design/edit in PS or AI and save as RGB 300dpi, upload a EPS to VW, anything else you want to know let me know.

Thanks alot for the support.


PS one last thing are the BN-20's hard on the ink ? as iv printed prob about 3000 stickers total and im already at 40% ink left and my waste tank is at like 80% already :S

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Heres the image of ink set up and video of print outs.


Sorry forgot to turn the music off :P also nokia doesnt have enough quality to show the pixelated areas :S company that i bought the media from have already tried to send me over 3 profiles and they do not upload so waiting to hear back from them again. Anybody got an ideas ?

Id be using max impact - and click to the icons in the settings of quality, keep colour and ICC profiles i think they are.


Im using Roland Print&Cut printers for 10 years and I think its normal. Light colours always looks dusty then solid colours.

Is there green dots in your yellows ?

- green dots in yellow is usually printer making yellow - in color mgmt click properties and select preserve primary colors - tell printer not to make colors it has

- wrong profile - unevenness is hit or miss

- those test prints did not look bad through the nokia - other that dirt on media that was printed over

- music made viewing tolerable

- is that matte or glossy media 

- try roland profiles - gcvp or mcvp


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