Looking for a solution to why every time I try and print on white static cling film part of the print carriage rubs against the media causing a smear. I uploaded the correct setting, and I am using media clips, cleaned the machine etc.  I even have the vacuum set to strong.  Please advise.



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the way its stored is normally the main problem i keep mine in a plastic bag in its box when not in use, to much heat dont help, some makes have a better quality backing paper. humidity and temp change is the reason for the buckling.


If possible, move your head height to high

Is that possible on the SP300V

unfortunately no with that model. 

Make sure the media is loaded and do a small print. This will heat everything up and allow the media to warm up and expand. 

Unload the media and reload right away noticing that it lays flatter now. Try a print after this and see if ti helps. 

I also used to hang about 6 - 8 inches of media in the front to allow it to pull down the leading edge and give a flatter area in the print head zone to print on.

Make sure you remove your media clamps or when it is cutting it could "grip" the static cling and ruin them and possibly damage the head. 


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