Hello again. Short history: My VS-640 was installed in June of 2013 with White and Metallic Ink configuration. Since then, I had to replace printhead (deflections on light cyan and metallic with light use of the printer and regularly maintained, but this is a painful story) and all dampers. I had "head wash" and "fill ink", fresh original ink cartridges and new capping, wipers etc - Just to be sure everything will be new and clear, and updated the white MAX ink with MAX2 (Roland rules).

The new White MAX2 ink gives me nothing more than troubles... I print regularly white ink jobs, circulate ink even manually every day, shake white cartridge every two days (ridiculous - because of the way cartridges are set on this machine, Roland had to replace VS series with VSi machines to correct this). Capping blocks often with white, have to keep it clean and wet with cleaning fluid - almost every day.

Now, here is a new problem and I would like to see what do you think: White ink separates in two parts in tube, just before Y joint. (See photo) No bubbles, but a big empty space in the tube. This shows even a few hours after ink circulation. Ink does not move in tube even if pump sucks ink. As result, damper with white goes empty, white prints become faint till white disappears completely.

My dealer said that MAX2 ink is more "thick" comparing to old MAX ink. It is like... cream compared to milk. What do you think about this?

Thank you!

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