How to Work with White & Metallic Silver Files in VersaWorks


Tuesday 22 March 11 - 12noon to 1PM

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Ok for those who had the time - Roland provided a good review on getting your white and metallic to work in your VS or XC printers.  The seminar was led by Fernando and I will say for the most part - I enjoyed it and could not write fast enough.  The seminar will be available at a later date on the roland website for register owners. 

The first time I heard most of this information was during my Roland Advance training and it went zooming over my head.  Today's seminar had the previous information to attach to so a lot of it was now clicking and lightbulbs were aglowing.  I hated that Fernando seem to be heavy into AI and not Corel, but as an installer with a weakness in AI - it was the best medicine for me.  

Working with White and Metallic is a methodology that just is not present with plain CMYK.  It is a matter of looking at a glass is it half empty or is it half-full, so where you can bumble your way through CMYK to get the most out of White and Metallic you have to evoke a thought process.  Unless you are lucky - the VS machines in 8 color mode is an active process.   

It is hard to recap the seminar due to amount of information I received and it was my second blush with the info.  If anyone did attend and have additional questions, I will be glad to shed any further light on the information.  I am happy to say there was a transfer of knowledge and it was painless. 

The best tidbits:

-how to greyscale a raster image to add metallic or white highlights to CMYK

-drop shadows are funky in vector prgms (Corel or AI) since they are raster images - so do them in PS or Paint and then bring in

-work your effects in layers

-you can use ES ink on straight vinyl - may not look as nice but laminate it to hold up

-the glossier the material the better the metallic look - INTERPRETATION - get garment material that is glossy if you want metallic

-how to bring charts into AI

-Texture chart of Corel will be in a patch by corel at a later date


I will add more at a later date


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