I bought a used Versacamm vs300i. Prints awesome but the white and metallic colors aren't printing. I've applied the swatches from Versaworks but still no luck. I did a test print and looks like white and metallic aren't firing. I'm performing a head soak. If this doesn't work what else can I do?Change cap station?

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So I performed a head soak and now the metallic is working but still no white. What else do you think I can try?

Metallic and White are your special inks and and require special handling and use. So you have to first ensure you have turned on to convert them when detected. Next you have use your special color palette. In the case of metallic nothing else is required, except to tell it to print first or to blend it with CMYK.

White however, needs to on clear media or at least tell the printer it is printing on the same. Then you choose whether to print first or last, no mixing with CMYK. 

Your headsoak probably brought back your metallic since only the nozzles were blocked and extended headsoaks, at least 48 hours will free those up for the most part.

White tends to solidify and turns into chalk in the head well, above the nozzles and below the dampers. Only a head replacement will fix that issue.


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