I have a BN20 about a year old..  Sorry for this long intro to my issue!

I've been struggling (badly) with white printing for about a month now.  Every now and then I'd get a hint that it was working - but then it would be badly banded or yellowish or not work at all.  I've read so much about clogging - I've soaked the head 3-4 times per week overnight for a month....  Burned through a few hundred dollars in ink doing power washes etc.  I installed a new cap top a week ago.

Today I decided to replace the white with a new cleaner cartridge (with a white chip) and ran my test print - and there it was, a beautiful square of white - no banding, no yellow -  just......perfect.  I pulled the cleaner cartridge and put in a brand new white cartridge - and nothing....  Power wash and nothing.  

The perfect white square confounded me - so I decided to drain the ink and start again.  When you turn off the printer after the drain cycle - I moved the head to look at the cap and the right half was filled with white....  I put in the new ink fired it up and still nothing.  

Just before the mallet came out - I had a good look around and I could see air in both white lines at the back of the printer.  I removed the blue top front cover and the air goes all the way to the damper.

In a power wash, there is flow on white to the damper toward the end of the cycle - but the air just keeps coming. 

So after that very long story - my short question(s) is/are - Can I syringe the white to remove the air and are there any areas I should be looking at where air could be introduced? (wouldn't I have a puddle of white there if I had a leak?)

I think my problems started when I put a new white cartridge in (December or January) - but I've been fighting with this so long - I can't recall anymore....

I did completely give up this part Thursday and called my dealer to come look at it...  They haven't called me back.

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OK next time put the problem up front, then the story! 

So in that machine if you have an air leak, the ink will retract to the cartridge not run out. You can syringe which uses less ink. You can remove the white line from the top of the damper, snip some to ensure it is seating tightly. syringe to the near the end of the line and then clamp it off so it will not run back. Replace line and then do either normal cleans to bring it into the damper or syringe under the cap. If you have white and keep it in, then change the top every 6 months. I believe your issue is now with the damper, which is probably partially blocked or defeated.

Irving - thank you so much for sharing your knowledge - and taking time out of your Sunday!  

I may have my dealer change out the cap and dampers.  I just did the syringe and got the air out (and noticed that flow back until I clamped it.).  A few cleanings and still nothing - so the issue must be the damper. 

Good move, on site observation is usually the best. If the air is receding, the leak needs to be traced.

Just an update - Had a tech come and replace the dampers, captop wiper etc. general tune up...

Amazing difference with the new dampers!  Like new again.


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