I have a dumb question.  I was looking through a stahls booklet that came with the Printwear magazine and they were talking about different CAD-Printz items.  I obviously knew what the Opaque and clear were.. but what is Express Print?  Is that Quick Print, Eco Print???  Any ideas?

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Express print is Express print......we use it all the time

Am I missing something in your question?
You can order it from Stahls

Lady Di

I was looking for the material they were printing on.  I thought Stahl's sold the blank material through Imprintables and I don't see an express print material, so I wondered if they were using Quickprint, Ecoprint or something else.

I guess I still don't understand, Debbie

Express Print is Express print
Quickprint is Quickprint
They are definitely not the same

If you want to order Express Print, like we do, you can order it from Stahls
Maybe I should also add, that I have no clue if you can or you can't order Express from IW

But I can tell you, without hesitation, these 2 substrates aren't the same......they didnt just change the name to confuse you
Ah, maybe that's what you were asking

Did you think Express was sold through IW under the name Quickprint?
........all makes sense now
Sorry it's been a very, very, very long few weeks


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