Can i cut card stock? If so how thick and what blade would I need?

I want to make some packaging for t-shirts and if it works would probably buy custom made packaging in bulk but need to try.

BTW I also have a Graphtec 5000-60, not sure would be better?

I would like to crease the card where it needs folding and to also cut it into its shape and print of course. If the versacam cannot do it, maybe the graphtec could crease and cut the card after I have printed it on the Versacamm


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I have had a look at versaworks, and my thoughts are if I had two cut lines but only cut one at a time, with the first very low pressure for a crease line, then the second line at normal pressure for the cut it could be done

However, can I do this in one go, cant see a setting, i also cant see a registration mark setting? Can i set this bu hand as I feel I would need a cutting mat?

With the graphtec I can do this by selecting layers and printing reg marks, but cannot print on it, so would need to print on the versacam with reg marks, then set the two crease and cut lines at different pressures and go from there.

Would prefer to us the Versacamm?

don't know of a card stock that prints well on solvent type ink machines  bleeds to much. test for your self easy enough, if you just wanted guide lines to hand cut to guess use 10 % black only

as you only want a few off to test your design etc. i would laser print and hand cut + crease.

if you really want to use the roland you could use the perf cut settings in vw. the graphtec has a higher cutting pressure and may have like mine a perfcut condition or use a cutting mat. but by the time you have sorted that lot out could probably manually done several. 


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