I have a Roland Versa Camm VP540 and I am trying to find the best setting for the color red. I have printed several test strips with RGB, CYMK, & Pantone Matching setting and colors either come out slightly pink, orange or maroon. I am looking for a true red.  I really do not have issues with any other colors. Please help.




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Also, should my test colors come close to matching my Pantone color chart? They do not.



We can tell you how to get a good Black, but to tell you how to get a good red is subjective.  Your issue sounds more of a profile one than a color choice.  I recommend you print out a color chart and select the color you desire.  The color chart will allow you to dial in the precentages of the CMYK.  I suggest you work in RGB as that is the widest color spectrum.  As for Pantone - hard to hit with a CMYK printer, but if you have a colorbridge it would show you which ones you can hit and which ones would look way off.  Which ever color you do pick - if you keep changing things in VW you will keep getting a different variation of the same color - so keep that consistent.  Just as an after thought - are you printing a vector or raster image?
It just so happens that I printed out the roland color chart today which is under the media tab in versaworks.    In the help menu it does walk you through how to print out the color charts.  It will automatically print them in queue A, so you have to make the settings to that queue prior to actually sending the file to print. Steve told me to use the density control option under the color management tab.  I was very happy with the reds it printed, since red is one of our towns colors and it does tend to be tricky.  I also own a direct to garment printer and just a word to the wise, you'll never get close to many of those pantone colors.  You're much better off printing color charts in RGB or the roland color library on different substrates and then choosing your colors based on what  your printer can print vs. what you wish it could print.
You see I was not trying to muck the issue up - so - now Rich which version of Corel do you use or do you use AI?  If AI you have access to Roland color library.  If you have Corel X5, then you can turn on the Roland Color library.  Yes if you print that library - it is roland's way of telling you that your printer can print all of those colors.  Just a few things to note as Kathy pointed out.  You must set the queue up prior to bringing in the job as you cannot change many things from the job setting.  You will select Density control under color management - as for any charts you want to print.  Also Roland colors are spot colors - so while you are in the queue, ensure you have convert spot colors checked - so that the spot colors can be changed to process colors.  If you are using corel below X5 then it is trickier trying to bring the library in. I'm done.
Thanks for the very quick response. I am using X4 and printing vector art. I printed the color chart out 3 years ago when I first got the unit. I really need to reprint, color no longer match the chart.

Thanks Again
By the way, how do you get a good black? Also, have you found the secret for grays?

Have the same machine - a good black is RGB - black or in the CMYK - do a mix - of c-80 m-80 y-80 and k-100.  ensure you have your machine up todate with firmware and with the VersaWorks revisions.  Roland has changed the way the inks are delivered - which in effect it changes how the colors may look - due to smaller droplet sizes.  I starting to think your color issues are with your selections of profiles.  So pick the ones that match your media.  Stay with RGB - which has a wider color spectrum. Also to prevent your colors from being faded - do not select corel to convert your colors to CMYK.  VersaWorks will do the conversion to CMYK.  There are a few other things to get the best colors - so if you up to it search through the archives on this site they were all laid out.  Also tomorrow, Roland is having a class on Color Management starting at 9pst.  Go to www.rolanddga.com to see the announcement.
I always use 100 Mag. and 100 Yel. for my red.  It always comes out a nice red color.
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