Well....this isn't good. When a test print ruins your Saturday night.

I've been printing some HTV and decals tonight and noticed that one design that has a lot of dark blue in it had some overspray....did one test print (top) and saw this horror.  Did a powerful clean and got the second even more horrific horror.  This machine has been regularly maintained (for the most part) - please someone help talk me off the ledge on how I (or my local tech) might be able to fix this....OMG I just *can't* replace the printhead again (bought the machine used 3 years ago and had to do that right off the bat due to former owners lack of maintenance)!!!!  Dying over here......

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You need a head.

Ok you want more, so 1st when posting nozzle test. I need to be able to zoom in so one per shot. Being economical on that test does not aid the evaluator. So back to the head. You see the pattern to where the nozzle are shaped in a VEE going to the right. That means that you had a headstrike when the printhead was traveling away from home. Whatever it struck pushed the nozzles to the right. Deflecting nozzles will give you overspray. As for the second pattern looking worst on the cyan is not an issue. When the pattern changes, it usually means that there is air in the lines moving, or you have an old captop and the pump draw could not keep up with the amount of ink needed for the clean. Go through the manual cleaning procedure and when the printhead is in the maintenance chamber you should be able to see the groove on the printhead.

Some may wonder on where to purchase printheads? Roland does not sell printheads to users, but through dealers to ensure a qualified tech is doing the installation on a certified OEM head with a limited warranty. These printheads come with a headrank to ensure proper firing when needed. You can also get printheads from Digiprint, and Sign-in-China. These heads are sold to users, about $600USD cheaper, suspect head rank, and no warranty. VS heads can be installed with relative ease, but not all steps are enclosed in the service manual and if you are not sure what you are doing they can be easily broke too. The Roland web site can locate a dealer in your area - www.rolanddga.com. It is best to get a local dealer to reduce travel cost. www.Stahls.com is a national dealer and capable of operating in the USA and Canada. For the latter, I used to cover the Texas region in true disclosure. Lastly, read the admin note at the top of the forum.

Thanks, luckily we have a dealer here in San Antonio that has worked on this machine many times....I'll give them a call tomorrow to get yet another printhead on order....sigh.  I'm pretty sure this machine is cursed. 

Also, is there anything I can do to help prevent this happening again?  I'm assuming it must have it one of the media guides, as I'm not sure what else it could have hit....

Common if you do banners, since banner material has a tendency to warp when heated. A media guide can cause it but very seldom a VEE shape crash. It has a tendency to hit the head guard and cause a motor error. All media that is used without a media clamp (more likely banner and/or apparel is the cause) can be the cause. Your dealer can run a peck report to confirm the head strike, date, and time, once that is done then you can use that to track the job in the job log to see who was running the machine. A whole lot of time that could be used in other production - lol. Best Regards. Going to catch a plane.


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