We currently have a website that is hosted by one of our regional telephone books and is very generic (very basic template and very basic information on our part). We do not do any ecommerce on it, nor do we plan to.

Recently I have been looking at getting this site redesigned by someone that designs websites and update it with good solid information along with pictures and graphics of what we do. My question here is how effective a tool is a website that you do not do any online sales on? Also what do you think makes a good professional website?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.




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My business is 99% web-based, so I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but I definitely would choose one company over another if they had a solid portfolio on their website that helped establish trust that they would do an effective job.  For example, we just purchased granite counter tops for our kitchen, and I ended up going with a company that I'd never even heard of because their website portfolio piqued my interest and encouraged me to visit their shop.  Good luck to you!

Our website contains all sorts of information to give our customers an idea of what we do.  We have photos up of our work, links to suppliers, artwork options and more.  Our site was built using Go Daddy's free website builder that came with our account.  It provides you with a simple template to work with so we don't have to outsource to a web site builder.  Check it out, www.rubeadlersports.com


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