Printing a large wall mural for installation this Sunday.  Have some concerns.  I have done signs this size before, but installing on a flat surface where the work is below me and easy to facilitate.  Looking for some suggestions to install a nice clean trouble free job.  This is roughly 96" high X 86" wide and will be tiled.
Thanks to all who can add some previous experience.

Jim A.

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Pull three or four inches of liner off the top of the vinyl and cut the liner off. Stick that to the wall and adjust until you think it is straight. Make sure that three or four inches lays down nice and flat. Reach behind the vinyl and pull down on the liner to expose more adhesive, another six inches or so. Squeegee that until flat and repeat until the panel is complete. Now just repeat until all panels are done.  If you are right handed it usually work best to start at the top left corner. If you are left handed, start in the top right hand corner. When you get comfortable with applying you can expose more than six inches at a time.



Thank You Ray.  I suppose you can do this by yourself.  I have another that is only 30" high X 96" long.  Would you propose trying to do this in one piece?


Thanks for your advice


Jim Ashby


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