I am looking for a Vinyl material for childrens wall decalls, have been using Oracal 621. This is ok SOMETIMES, but on certain surfaces it curls. Love Phototex, but have problems cutting it. I am in Australia and can't seam to find a media suitable. There are plenty of very fine(detail) Wall decals from China, but no one in the Industry seams to be able to help, they say ALL Vinyl can come off because of the many paints people use.HELP

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Seramark is a wonderful product for wall decals - no curling and it's been tested as safe for children. I'm not sure if you can get it in Australia, but it's available here in the US.
Yes I have heard about Seramark but it is not available in Australia. But thankyou for replying.
Hi Lesley, my name is Jason and work for Big Systems in Milwaukee, WI USA. We are an authorized seller of Seramark for solvent, eco-solvent and uv curable, as well as aqueous printing systems. We would be happy to give you info on shipping. Let me know if you would like some more information.
Hi Jason, I would be very happy if you can give me a price on shipping Seramark.Would it be possible to pay post for a sample piece so I can try it? How much would it cost to ship? I have a Roland SP-300v so would need the smaller rolls.I have emailed several Companies including SeraMark but no one has got back to me.
I would be love to try it, I have heard so much about this product, I am very excited. I look forward to hearing from you.Kind regards
Hello Lesley,
I checked with both UPS and FedEx and found out it would be around $280.00 us dollars to ship a 30 inch x 100 ft roll weighing 18 lbs. The cost of the roll is $220.00 us dollars. Talk to you soon.

Just checked with United States Postal Service. It would be around $140.00 US dollars.
Hi Jason,Any chance of a sample? I am happy to pay freight. Would it be double for two rolls with the post? or would it be cheaper to get two or more? Kind Regards
Hi Lesley,
We have 18" x 20' sample rolls for $25.00 us dollars. Shipping through USPS would be $40.00. To ship two 30" x 100' rolls, it would be $220.00. Hope that helps.

Hi Jason, Can you give me an address and I will send a money order, if ok I will order a couple of rolls. I have a Roland SV-300V Eco-Solvent.Do you cut this with a 45o blade?
Look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards Lesley
Hi Lesley, The 45o blade will work great. Could you give me your email address and I'll send you rest of the information. Talk to you soon. Jason
Hi Jason,
my email is: lesleysd@bigpond.net.au

Avery Graphics has a very nice flat black vinyl that I use for our wall graphics. I'm sorry I can't be of much more help but I just do the design and production. Someone else orders our materials. I only know because I went and looked at the back of the vinyl roll we have. It say "Avery Graphics" with their logo and web address.

Start there and try to find the flat black. It cuts real easy and stays on for years. Never had any complaints and when we moved it came off easily enough with a small bit of hot water applied to it. Hope this helps!


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