I am looking for a Vinyl material for childrens wall decalls, have been using Oracal 621. This is ok SOMETIMES, but on certain surfaces it curls. Love Phototex, but have problems cutting it. I am in Australia and can't seam to find a media suitable. There are plenty of very fine(detail) Wall decals from China, but no one in the Industry seams to be able to help, they say ALL Vinyl can come off because of the many paints people use.HELP

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Thanks Tom, will look into it.Kind regards
Good afternoon Lesley, have you tried cutting the Phototex product with a 60 degree blade, instead of 45? Obviously it will require less downforce from the cutter, and the cuts will be much sharper. Opt for Roland blades. These are highly dense carbide with much better cutting capability and longer last. The 60 degree blade from Roland has the following part number: ZEC-U3050. Inquire with your local dealer about it.

Remember to change the offset on you printer/cutter to .050 when using this blade.

Hopes this helps,
Hi Fernando, Thankyou for your reply. I have tried a 60o blade ( not a genuine Roland) the offset you are talking about is that the force e.g. g force?
Kind regards
Offset is the measure of the distance from tru center of the blade to the actual cutting tip of the blade. It will be different for a 45 degree blade to a 60 degree blade due to the angle. 45 is usually 0.025 and the 60 is usually 0.050. the setting is in the cutting menu or can be adjusted in versaworks under the cutting tab for the job.
Thankyou for that info.

Kind regards

Hi Fernando ,

I'm new to the forum and have also been using Photo Tex and have been using the C160 but it dulls so fast. I was glad to see your suggestion to use ZEC- U3050. My question is do you know the settings for that blade? When using the C160 we set the speed at 55 and the force at 7. Could you confirm if these settings would work for the ZEC-U3050 or please let me know if they are different. 

Much Thanks, Julie Rumsey • julieartdecals.com

I use the Avery material with great success, have had a poster stuck to my office wall for nearly a year, still looks great, no curled corners even after a zillion demonstrations of how its removeable.
Hi Ray, do you know which Avery media it is? e.g. Avery 500?

Kind regards
Sorry for the late reply Lesley.
Now that Avery has drivin us crazy with their part number changes, it is now known as MPI 2611 Wall Film, it's matte white.

PS... awsome last name ;-)
Hi Ray , thanks for that , I am trying to get hold of some now.

There are many of us Davies around.

Kind regrads


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