New to the forum and have been pondering a couple small issues we have from time to time with the 640.

The file I have attached we were running into a problem with the red lettering. The entire print looked fine except for some almost drag lines in the red letters that began about half way through the print. The banner is 6' x 3', when it begins printing on the end with "more" by the time it reaches the red A in achieves these small drag lines would start. Just in the red the rest of the print looked fine.

The other question concerns the very edges of large banners. On either side mainly in the middle of the print there sometimes occurs some ink marks, close to the very edge of the material. I do not have a picture of this currently but I can get one if needed. My initial though on this is there isn't enough material rolled out for the job, when it reaches the limit and has to pull on the roll it creates a slight "bump in the road".

Great discussion forum by the way, I have found a couple solutions to things before even getting signed up on here.



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if you can, post up an actual picture of the print area in question. The other part you are seeing is because you need to unroll and have the media hanging behind the printer rather than pull off the roll as it will have too much pull force and can cause the media to bunch up some. 

Make sure you have the extra pinch rollers in as well.

Like Steven said, make sure you have excess media rolled out........eliminates any drag issues.

This is true for all HEAVY rolls of anything, not just banners


Also, not sure if you know this or not, but your cleaning solution (just a drop on a q-tip) will remove all those ink marks at the edge of the material where your material is buckling....as long as the marks are on white. If they're on a colored area, the solvent will remove that as well


Lady Di


Here is a pic of one of the letters I was concerned about.


looks like banding - what media is it specifically (brand etc.) and what profile are you using?

The material is Ultraflex, UltraBlockout® Banner Pro 15 oz.

The profile used for this was UF Ultrabanner.

Nice tip on the cleaning solution, that was the first thing I grabbed to remove the marks.

Seems like you should have the right profile but it is banding - try adjusting your feed calibration on that media and also check your heater settings to make sure they are set at the default for the media.

Perfect, will give this a go.

Thanks for the help!!

May I ask where you got that profile? You got me excited thinking maybe they finally had VS profiles but when I looked on the Ultraflex site, Roland isn't even listed under their profiles page. If you're using a profile for a different printer / RIP that's more than likely your problem.

I assume it came in with a versaworks update. I know nobody here specifically downloaded a profile from the Ultraflex site. Hope this helps.

Someone had to have downloaded it or created it on your end. There is no UF Ultrabanner profile from Roland.

Will look into this more. From what I found out on Friday no one is laying any claim to creating a profile for the UF.

Whenever you do an update on Versaworks, you will get updates to all of the Roland specific medias that they sell. Since Ultraflex is not one of them, it should not be an automatic update. Some one may have made a copy of a profile and renamed it to make things easier for workflow though.


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